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Smart Chemotherapy

selective to tumors, safe for patients

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About Seekyo

Offering selective and safe treatment to cancer patients.
It is our daily determination
By developing a Smart Chemotherapy, we aim at a high selectivity in the treatment, boosting efficacy while reducing adverse effects.
We aim at increases Patients’ Quality of Life.
We aim at improving Patients’ Quality of Life.
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Therapeutic field

Cancer deaths usually result from the development of metastasis and the lack of curative approaches, at least for the most frequent tumour localisations. At this latter stage of the disease, cancer chemotherapy remains the most powerful and often the only available therapeutic approach.

However, chemotherapy is not entirely effective against many solid tumours’ types. 

Most anticancer drugs lack any intrinsic antitumor selectivity. In turn, chemotherapy is frequently associated with severe side effects due to the destruction of normal tissues. As a result, the quantity of drugs that can be administered is usually insufficient to deliver an efficient concentration of the anticancer agent at the tumour site. 

Moreover, the lack of selectivity of current anticancer drugs dramatically increases the risk of development of cellular resistance by tumours cells.

Hence, there is a need to develop more selective approaches for chemotherapy of solid tumours.
Million deaths in the world
due to cancer
New cancer cases are diagnosed
each day worldwide
% of all cancers diagnosed
are solid tumors (lung,
breast, pancreas...)
% of all deaths are due to solid
tumors (lung, breast, pancreas...)
An urgent need for better treatments for solid tumors
Over the past decade, scientists have been working on finding ways to specifically target solid tumors in order to reduce adverse effects and to increase treatment efficacy.

Seekyo has developed a disruptive new approach: a Smart Chemotherapy
Smart Chemotherapy
Selective to tumors
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Our Science

Seekyo’s Tumor Micro Environment Targeting Smart Chemotherapy
Solid tumors induce modifications of their micro-environment that Seekyo targets to allow a highly selective treatment (healthy vs. cancer cells).
Seekyo's Mode of Action does not rely on any specific cancer cell hallmarks such as the expression of specific surface markers (eg. Antigens, membrane receptors…).

Therefore, Seekyo’s TME Targeting Smart Chemotherapy has the potential to treat almost all solid tumors.

In contrast to Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), Seekyo’s Smart Chemotherapy does not require penetrating the cancer cell itself. This favourably increases the active agent efficacy ratio.
Seekyo’s Smart Chemotherapy includes a highly selective mechanism of drug release based on enzymatic activation, avoiding early or uncontrolled release responsible for the adverse effects.

All those features allow for a much higher selective treatment, reducing adverse effects and increasing Patients’ Quality of Life.
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Selectivity is key to ensure the drugs destroy only cancer cells, sparing all other tissues.
At Seekyo we have developed a new approach based on
A double targeting of the Tumor Micro-Environment
We call it Smart chemotherapy.
We developed SKY01, a selective anticancer agent possessing a unique mode of action resulting from the combination of the subsequent steps:
In situ formation of a bioconjugate with endogenous albumin
Accumulation of the SKY01-albumin bioconjugate in the Tumor Micro-Environment (TME)
Specific ß-glucuronidase-catalysed release of free cytotoxic MMAE at the tumor site
Inhibition of tumor cell division by MMAE
Those steps are expected to occur independently of the tumor type, allowing for the therapy of many solid tumors.
Plateform and pipeline
Based on Seekyo’s innovative molecular platform, we have successfully tested several combinations of active agents (cytotoxic drugs, immune-stimulants….), targeting units and cleavable linkers adapted at targeting the TME.
In addition to generating promising internal leads (eg. SKY02 – immuno-stimulant) the platform has the potential to optimize existing drugs (e.g. widening the therapeutic window) for industrial partners.
Our current pipeline
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We are constantly developing our network of partners (big pharma, biotech, academics...).
We have also set a unique academic research partnership to further improve our innovative technology.

Bespoke optimization of marketed or in development drugs is made available to customers by Seekyo’s technological platform
Management Team &
Scientific Advisory Board
Oury Chetboun
CEO, co-founder
+33 (0)6 63 68 22 32
Prof. Sebastien Papot
CSO, co-founder
+33 (0)6 88 52 27 25
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