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Seekyo is adding diagnostics and theranostics capabilities to its lead compound SKY01 (March 2022)
Seekyo reinforces Scientific Advisory Board with two new members (Jan 2022)
Seekyo raises 650k€ with leverage effect (March 2021)
Tech Tour Invest 2020: Seekyo selected laureate by investors
International press coverage about Seekyo
Seekyo raises €800k with leverage effect (Janv 2020)
Seekyo’s cancer patients Charity campaign
Seekyo: A major advance against Cancer fight
Seekyo and the DeepTech – BPI
Seekyo certified Onco-Entrepreneur
Seekyo is awarded laureate of GENOPOLE Booster program
Seekyo Logo


Technopole Grand Poitiers
Site CEI - bat. Téléport 1
2, avenue Galilée
BP 30153
86961 Futuroscope Cedex